How to Use

FotoSlides lets you create videos using photos from the photo library or from camera of your iPhone. You can choose music from a list of music files or you can also import music from your iPod library to play in the background. You can edit photos by applying multiple sensational filters, set time duration for individual photo, add text with different fonts & colors and share your special moments on Twitter and Facebook or save them to your iPhone.

 Photo Selection

Select unlimited photos from your photo library along with option to take as many photos as you can from your iPhone cam with 6x digital zoom. Selected photos appear in the scroll bar at the bottom. Scroll horizontally to see all the selected photos.



There are 18 stunning filters inorder to make your photo memories more enthralling. Just apply the filter and enjoy the amazing effects on your photos. You can apply filter effect on the particular photo that is being displayed by ‘Apply’, if you want to apply the same effect on all your selected photos tap ‘Apply All’, ‘Cancel’ otherwise. With additional feature of Preview, you can preview every function before any changes to be made.


 Text Feature

As soon as you tap the icon, a box will appear infront for you to write any text you want. You can drag it to anywhere and extend it according to your desire. Use different Fonts, Sizes and Colors to electrify your text. You can apply text on the particular photo that is being displayed by ‘Apply’, if you want to apply the same text on all your selected photos tap ‘Apply All’, ‘Cancel’ otherwise.


 Time To Play Your Favorite Music

You can add music to your video and bring your memories to life. Select any music, from a number of music files or from your iPod library that will play in the background. Once you select any music file from your library by clicking ‘Import from iPod’ the file will be saved in your music list. You can also select your favorite part of song that you want to play in background. For this purpose select ‘Start Point’ & ‘End Point’ slider to select starting and ending point respectively.



In the "Playback" tab, you can view the saved video files. You can play them, delete them, save them or upload them to Twitter and Facebook. Swipe on the movie file you want to delete, click "Delete" button and your movie will be deleted. For sharing, click on the "Upload" button first, select the video you want to upload and share it or you can also save the file to your Photo Album. Hence you can share your amazing high quality video with your friends & families in just one go.


 Set The Time Duration

You can set the duration (in seconds) for a particular photo or multiple photos using this button. You can apply time duration on the particular photo that is being displayed by ‘Apply’, if you want to apply the same time duration on all your selected photos tap ‘Apply All’, ‘Cancel’ otherwise.


Enjoy the fascination in your photos and make an unforgettable compilation of those photos as a video just with FotoSlides…!!

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NOTE: This application uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1. You can get more information and source of FFmpeg from our support site .


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